Joomla and WordPress Website Security

Protect your website reputation

Website security is an evolving issue for business across Australia. It is becoming more of a necessity to protect your digital assets and reputation.

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General Rate

$ 22.50

Per 1/4 Hour

Intermittent website work

Many things on a website can be fixed in a short amount of time. This is a quick and easy solution for website improvements. Equivalent to $90 per hour.

Good for things like

Content Updating
Software Updating
Increasing Performance
Website Hacking Recovery
Website Auditing
Ongoing SEO work
Training to edit your website

Security and Backup

$ 300

Per Year

Safe and Secure

To keep your WordPress or Joomla website safe and secure from hackers, I always recommend people use the Security and Backup Package.

Keeping your website software secure and up-to-date means you are less vulnerable to malicious attacks. A safe and secure website is considered a high priority for protecting business reputation.

Security Hardening
Software Updating
Backups on 3rd party server

Website Recovery

$ 90

Per hour

Help, I’ve been attacked!

No need to panic, but it is best to work quickly to solve the issue.

Many attacks happen because hackers use exploits of out-of-date software being used on some websites.

Contact me for immediate action on your situation.

Security Hole Identification
Application of solution
Changing passwords
Updating of software.

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